Former Icelandic PM’s emails to be handed over to prosecutor

A request for the electronic communications of former Icelandic Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde has been upheld in the case against him for negligence before and during the banking crash.

The Landsdomur High Court, which has been specially assembled to try the former PM, granted the prosecutor’s wish to see Haarde’s work emails and hopes to receive thousands of pages which Haarde sent and received while in office, in the coming days. It is thought formal charges will be lodged with the High Court before Easter.

The High Court ruled on Tuesday that the prosecutor has the authority to subpoena all of Haarde’s work emails from his time as PM. The prosecutor put in a request to the Prime Ministry for the evidence shortly after the ruling was made.

Haarde’s lawyer complained that among the emails are private messages unconnected to this case and to his political role and that they should remain private, RUV reports. The court disagreed, saying that danger can be foreseen when using office email for personal messages.

The thousands of pages of emails will be joined by minutes from meetings and documents from the national archives. The Althingi prosecutor, Sigridur Fridjonsdottir, admits that there is a lot of reading to get through in a very short time. Fridjonsdottir is not working alone, however.

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