Iceland’s DV defiant in face of bank embargo

The Reykjavik District Commissioner has granted investment company Horn’s request to ban the DV newspaper writing any more about its affairs.

Horn is a subsidiary of Landsbanki and the company has been unhappy about DV’s recent investigation. The decision was taken yesterday afternoon.

Sigridur Eysteinsdottir, division head at the District Commissioner’s office, has also ordered DV to hand over the documents and other evidence it has collected. The editors have been given until midday today to comply. Despite the ruling, DV has not been ordered to remove news articles from its website; but it has been banned from linking to stories on its website about Horn.

DV has been reporting events at Horn and on Monday published a story saying that the CEO wanted the chairman of the board at Promens to step down and that he himself should take over. A letter sent by Horn CEO Hermann M. Thorisson to DV at the weekend says that the materials in the newspaper’s possession are top secret and to be kept strictly in-house at Horn.

DV editors have sent out a statement condemning the District Commissioner’s decision. They say they serve nobody but their readers; quipping that maybe the banks haven’t learned the lessons of the crash, but the public and the media have. They also say they have no intention of handing the files over today.

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