Spate of attempted child abductions in Reykjavik

The recent spate of suspicious men in Reykjavik trying to lure children into their car still has police scratching their heads; despite another incident this Thursday.

It is thought that all the apparent attempted abductions are being carried out by the same two people. All the events have happened near schools and involve a black car and two men.

The men in the black car have been trying to persuade children (both boys and girls) to get into their car. So far all the youngsters have refused, schools have been reinforcing the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule and the police are looking for the men; described as around 30, one with a short beard.

In the most recent incident on Thursday, a seven year-old girl ran away from two men in a dark car (possibly black) with a Taxi sign on the roof. The incident took place in the Breidholt neighbourhood.

According to the girl’s mother, the two men drove slowly past the girl several times, smiled at her and then reversed their car towards her; at which point she ran away and hid behind a block of flats. Next, a man apparently followed her behind the block on foot with his hands behind his back and tried to strike up a conversation with her — but she did not speak back, reports. Both men had dark hair, the girl told police.

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