Japan earthquake crisis website for non-Japanese speakers

It is coming to light that foreign-language information on the unfolding crisis in Japan is often scant and incomplete compared to what is available in Japanese. As a result, one Japanese citizen has created a comprehensive web page designed to help non-Japanese speakers.

The web page is actually just one page within a wider business blog by Motoko Hunt, an IceNews associate in Japan. However, following a request to help publicise the page outside of Japan, IceNews is happy to recommend it.

The site ( http://ajpr.com/wordpress/japan-earthquake/tsunam-information ) is a goldmine of information for anybody directly affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Hunt writes on her blog: “While I hear lots of up-to-date information in Japanese, I find the information in other language is very limited,” adding, “There are more than 2 million foreigners who live in Japan, and many tourists visit Japan throughout the year.”