Eyjafjallajokull volcano centre to open for tourists

A tourism centre with artefacts, exhibits, films and photographs from last year’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano is set to open on the first anniversary of the eruption.

The centre will be situated next to Highway 1 in the shadow of Eyjafjallajokull at a place called Thorvaldseyri and is set to open on 14th April.

“It was decided at New Year’s to start this project. We want to show people how the eruption unfolded, how we lived with it and how it has been here since it ended. It is sort of our duty really; this was a world event,” says Olafur Eggertsson, the farmer at Thorvaldseyri, who is running the project with his family.

“Although it was tiny in comparison to what is going on in Japan at the moment, the effect it had on aviation meant that the eruption impacted the whole world,” his wife Gudny A. Valberg adds.

Visir.is reports that a large number of tourist buses already stop off at the farm every day, full of travellers desperate to find out more about the eruption.

The volcano centre is being set up in an old machine room. It has been painted black, grey and red inside, like the volcano. The floor is made from volcanic ash and cement, adorned with a stone “rug” from the Katla volcano, which was made in the town of Vik.

The centre is heated with water from the volcano and the farm even produces its own electricity.

(Photos: Anders Peter Amsnæs)

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