Still unsure whether damaged plane can be saved after Greenland crash

There is still no consensus on whether or not the damaged Air Iceland plane which crash landed in Nuuk, Greenland at the beginning of the month can economically be repaired.

Arni Gunnarsson, the company’s managing director, told RUV that he does not expect it will be necessary to transport the aircraft away from Greenland to repair it, if it can indeed be repaired.

The plane is seriously damaged: the nose wheel is bent backwards, the under-wing landing gear which collapsed is beyond repair, there is damage to the end of one of the wings, one of the propellers is buckled and there is damage to the underside of the fuselage.

The Dash 8 is insured by the British insurer Aon. It is expected that Air Iceland will need to buy or rent another plane, as the repairs could take a long time — if they go ahead at all. Gunnarsson says he hopes more will be known in the coming weeks.