Nearly 500 questioned by Iceland bank crash investigators

The total number of people who have been formally questioned by the office of Iceland’s special prosecutor into the banking crisis now stands at 471.

This information comes from an answer given by interior minister Ogmundur Jonasson in the Althingi parliament yesterday, DV reports. He was answering a question from Social Democrat MP Sigmundur Orn Runarsson.

Runarsson asked the minister how the special prosecutor’s job is going. He added that he shares the nation’s anger at the so-called Outvasion Vikings who brought the Icelandic economy to its knees; saying that it is clearly better to spend a longer time investigating issues surrounding the financial collapse than shorter.

Jonasson answered the question saying, among other things, that 216 people are officially classified as suspects and that 470 suspects and witnesses have so far been brought in for questioning in a total of 600 individual interviews. According to the Minister for Internal Affairs, special prosecutor Olafur Thor Hauksson and his team are currently conducting some 80 different cases.

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