majority intend to vote ‘yes’ in Icesave referendum

63 percent of Icelandic voters plan to vote in favour of the Icesave repayment law in 9th April’s national referendum, according to a new Capacent Gallup poll.

The poll also revealed that 61 percent of respondents believe that rejecting the law would have a negative effect on Iceland’s economic recovery.

73 percent of those asked decided to answer the questions, 22 percent did not answer and five percent had not yet made up their minds.

63 percent of those who answered said they would vote in favour of the law on repaying the Netherlands and UK for money lost in Icesave; 34 percent said they would vote against; and three percent said they would return an empty ballot.

Older people seem more likely than younger people to support the repayment deal. 88 percent of government voters plan to vote ‘yes’ and 46 percent of those who are not Left Green or Social Democrat supporters plan to do the same.

32 percent of respondents say that a ‘no’ vote would have a very negative effect on the Icelandic economy. 29 percent say the effect would be quite negative. 21 percent say it would make little difference either way. And 18 percent say it would have a quite good or very good impact on the economy, RUV reports.

Despite the majority will to pass the law, a majority of respondents were also happy that the president called the upcoming referendum.

The survey took place online between 23 February and 2 March; the response rate was 58.4 percent and 12,079 people took part.

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