‘Police brutality’ as 139 arrested at illegal cinema rave

Copenhagen police could face brutality charges after allegedly beating and denying toilet rights to 139 people they arrested at an illegal party in a deserted cinema. Some of the revellers are filing for damages against officers, who they say tied them up and allowed them to wet themselves as they were forced to sit for hours on the floor at the Scala complex in Axeltory.

“I was hit twice on the back by a truncheon when I tried to get up and go to the loo,” one of the partygoers, Louise Ystrom, told leftist news organisation modkraft.dk. “Instead, I and many others were forced to pee in our pants. After that we had to sit for hours in our own pee in frosty weather with our hands tied.”

The party, which began at 22.00 on Saturday 26th February at the building just opposite Tivoli, was stopped just half-an-hour after it began by police. Officers, who were apparently greeted with a shower of bottles and stones, released their dogs, which bit several partygoers, according to reports.

All 139 of those arrested have been charged with trespassing but have since been released. The Scala building has been empty for over a year since its owners went bust.