Salesman miffed by two krona salary

A Swedish salesman is warning workers not to be duped, after he was paid just two kronor (EUR 0.20) for a month’s work due to a clause in his contract. Rickard Dunker, from Dalarna, northern Sweden, says he sold SEK 20,000-worth (EUR 2,292) of medical products in his first month working for the Easycare company, but received a salary of just three kroner before tax.

Dunker also clocked up 3,000 km visiting potential customers in his own car and spent SEK 1,000 (EUR 115) on petrol during the month. Easycare, however, said he made too few sales and travelled too far to earn a decent amount, claiming their pay system is clearly described in his contract.

“I couldn’t imagine that such a thing was possible,” Dunker told a reporter at the newspaper Dala-Demokraten. He is no longer working for Easycare but warned others to read the small print in their employment contracts carefully.

Head of the Borlange-based company, Lars Andersson, denied any wrongdoing. “It’s a tough branch. If he thinks he’s been cheated we should take it up in court. There’s nothing wrong with the contract which he agreed to and signed,” he said.