Icesave referendum ballot question revealed

The Icelandic Ministry of Internal Affairs has begun advertising the referendum which will take place on 9th April over the so-called Icesave law which Althingi passed on 16th February and the President decided to send to a public vote. Absentee voting starts on 16th March, reported.

The question as it will stand on the ballot paper is:

Law number 13/2011 allows for the Minister of Finance to to confirm the contract which was inscribed in London on the 8th December 2010, on responsibility for the Depositor and Investors’ Protection Fund to re-pay the British and Dutch states for the cost of the minimum insurance amount to depositors in branches of Landsbanki Islands hf. in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and the payment of the balance and interest on those obligations.

The law was passed by Althingi on the 16th February 2011 but the President of Iceland declined to pass it.

Should law number 13/2011 remain in force?

Possible answers are:

Yes, it should remain in force.

No, it should be repealed.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs’ website states that voting will take place at the same polling stations as are used in normal elections. “Municipalities will advertise more information on polling stations shortly before the referendum; for example when they open, where they are, how the wards will be divided, et cetera. Voters are asked to acquaint themselves thoroughly with this information. The right to vote in the national referendum is extended to all those with the right to vote in elections to Althingi,” the site says.

The Althingi website,, has details on Icesave accessible by clicking the ‘Icesave’ button, the ministry statement adds. Voters can read the law as it was passed by parliament, all supporting documents and track its progress through parliament before 16th February.

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