Icelandic businessman’s murderer escapes trial on medical grounds

Gunnar Runar Sigurthorsson, the young man who confessed to murdering businessman Hannes Thor Helgason, has been declared non-compos mentis and will not face a full trial.

The Reykjanes District Court this morning deemed Sigurthorsson unfit to face trial on mental health grounds. The court ordered that suitable security measures be taken to prevent him being a danger in the future — which will probably mean institutionalisation. Sigurthorsson was also ordered to pay ISK 1.8 million (EUR 11,194) to Hannes Thor Helgason’s parents and a further ISK 1.2 million to his fiancée in emotional damages, reported. Sigurthorsson had previously rejected the fiancée’s claim.

Gunnar Runar Sigurthorsson confessed to murdering Hannes Thor Helgason in a gruesome manner at his Hafnarfjordur home last August. He stabbed him repeatedly with a knife. Helgason’s fiancée found him the following morning.

The suspect was arrested two weeks later and confessed shortly after.

Three psychologists working together came to the conclusion that the defendant was not of sound enough mind to face trial for murder. The judge today accepted that recommendation.

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