Youngsters being hospitalised after drugs parties

More Danish teenagers are being hospitalised after mixing drink and drugs at parties. According to Berlingske newspaper, more than double the number of young people are being admitted to casualty departments due to combining substances such as amphetamines, cocaine and strong spirits.

The latest report on drug abuse from the National Board of Health found that more than 475 people were taken to hospital due to drug poisoning in 2009, compared to just 177 in 2000. The report also concluded that people aged below 24 accounted for 60 percent of the admissions.

“They are younger, and they are mixing drugs; unknown and modern drugs are being combined with the classic substances and taken with alcohol,” said Doctor Peter Gulstad Skanning of Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen.

Dr Skanning’s assessment was also backed up by A&E nurse Rikke Bjerregaard who works at Hillerod Hospital. “We are seeing more cases than we used to. It’s usually Fridays and Saturdays, and they are as young as 16,” she said.

“We’re increasingly seeing a lack of concern for what they put in their bodies. They arrive maybe with heart palpitations and, when you get to them, you learn that they have taken a line of this and a pill of that, often washed down with alcohol and some hash besides,” she added.

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