More geothermal energy from Iceland quakes

Geomorphologists believe the current spate of small earthquakes shaking southwest Iceland have enlarged the Reykjanes geothermal heat area, as more water is now able to come into contact with hot rocks.

Olafur Flovenz, geomorphologist and president of Icelandic Energy Research told RUV it is not yet possible to say how many more days the current series of earthquakes, which began on Thursday, will continue. “These series come regularly and there was a big series of earthquakes around two years ago which people have been evaluating carefully in terms of geothermal energy research on the Reykjanes peninsula, and this is another series which people were not perhaps expecting quite so soon. It is impossible to say whether it will last,” he said. Flovenz believes, however, that the earthquakes are slowly coming to a halt — adding that there is no indication of a volcanic eruption in the area.

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