Earthquakes in southwest Iceland. Parrots unhappy

It is always headline news when an earthquake is felt in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik — even though such events are surprisingly regular. Over 500 small quakes have shaken southwest Iceland yesterday alone.

The quakes are in the region of Kleifarvatn, a lake on the geologically-active Reykjanes peninsula. a 4.2 magnitude quake at around 17.30 yesterday was widely felt by people in Reykjavik; as was another one at 09.00 which had a magnitude of four.

The town and municipality of Hafnarfjordur (sometimes incorrectly thought of as a Reykjavik suburb) is even nearer to the epicentre and residents there are actually getting used to the earthquakes which are always quite regular and have been nearly constant since Thursday.

Hafnarfjordur’s Asvallalaug swimming pool is not far from the epicentre. Dorota Solecka was lifeguarding there at the time of the 09.00 quake. She described how all the doors and windows in the lifeguarding tower started to shake — but added that it was not a problem and was over in just a few seconds.

RUV also reported that Thorunn Margret Jonasardottir’s parrots were woken by an earthquake and did not like it one bit. Jonasardottir explained that they never usually make any noise at night, but started going crazy in the early hours of Sunday. She turned the light on near their cage and then went back to bed.

Geologists say they are not concerned by the series of earthquakes, as seismic activity is common on Reykjanes. They say there is no evidence of volcanic activity, reported.

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