Iceland’s constitutional assembly to transform into a constitutional council?

An Icelandic parliamentary committee has recommended that the 25 people elected to the country’s constitutional assembly should be appointed directly by parliament to a similar body after the election was invalidated on technical grounds.

The committee decided that appointing the 25 members to a constitutional council would be the cheapest and simplest way to solve the problem caused when the Supreme Court of Iceland decided that the election result was invalid due to technical irregularities. There is no suspicion that the election was in any way unfair or unrepresentative; but the court decided that there had been an unacceptable number of irregularities for the result to stand.

Ogmundur Jonasson, Minister of Internal Affairs, said today that he disagrees wit the committee. He believes that appointing the 25 people to do very nearly the same job as they were elected to do would be to stretch the supreme court ruling too far.

Althingi will debate the committee’s findings and will likely accept them. If, however, MPs vote to hold the election again, it is not yet known whether or not that election would go ahead at the same time as the Icesave referendum which has been pencilled in for 9th April.

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