Stranded Icelandic container ship less damaged than feared

Divers have now completed their inspection of Godafoss, the damaged containership owned by Eimskip in Iceland, and say the damage is less severe than had been feared.

The divers took pictures of the damaged hull of Godafoss after it was released from the reef near Fredrikstad in Norway yesterday morning. Pictures and samples were also taken using an unmanned submarine, or AUV. The hull has been pierced as expected, but the holes are reported to be small and there are no wide tears in the boat.

The ship is lying at anchor at Kjerringholmen, near to where it grounded in Oslo fjord.

Olafur Hand, Eimskip’s information officer, told RUV that divers are preparing to begin a makeshift repair job. If that works, Godafoss can then be sailed into port for proper repairs.

There are reportedly holes in two of the ship’s oil tanks, and not three as had been assumed. It is hoped that the tanks may be repairable without completely emptying them.