Triple McDonalds murderer gets 15 years

A convicted murderer who shot three people dead last year at a McDonald’s drive-through in southern Finland has been sentenced to 15 years in Jail. Esa Kalle Vihtori Akerlund, 41, will spend the entire period behind bars after being found guilty of firearms violations and three counts of manslaughter by Eastern Uusimaa District Court.

Akerlund, who had only recently been released from prison for murdering his ex-wife, her brother and her brother’s girlfriend, killed three men outside the fast food restaurant in Porvoo last summer. A drink-fuelled argument erupted between Akerlung’s car and another vehicle as they queued at the drive-through in the early hours of 6th July.

A psychological evaluation that was read to the court on Wednesday (16 February) concluded that Akerlund knew exactly what he was doing at the time of the shootings and that he is a danger to the health and lives of others. The prosecution announced its satisfaction with the sentence and Akerlund has said he will not appeal.

Another man was also fined for firearms violations and protecting an offender for empting the magazine of Akerlund’s gun as they sped away after the murders. The 21 year-old also claimed he was the shooter until CCTV footage proved that he was lying.