Stranded Icelandic container ship re-floated off Norway

Godafoss, the stranded container ship owned by Iceland’s Eimskip, has been re-floated this morning and divers will soon be able to assess how damaged the hull is.

Godafoss was pulled off the seabed outside Fredrikstadt in Norway just before 07.00 (local time) this morning by three tugs.

Olafur William Hand, Eimskip’s information officer, told RUV that the operation began during the night when the ship was made lighter by pumping huge quantities of ballast water out of its tanks. That process was completed by 07.00, by which time the ship had floated and been towed off the reef with relative ease.

Hand says that the boat will be towed three kilometres to the north where it will drop anchor between Kirkskjaer and Styre; two small islands. Divers will then check the hull and assess the damage before the next step is decided.

At the moment, no seawater is leaking in to the ship and oil is no longer leaking out — although that is being monitored closely.

Dettifoss, another Eimskip container vessel, will arrive in Fredrikstadt later today and will pick up a portion of Godafoss’s cargo and set off for Iceland this evening.

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