Oil covered birds shot following Norway shipping accident

Hundreds of sea birds have had to be shot after landing in oil which leaked from Godafoss, the Eimskip container ship, off Norway last week.

The Icelandic company’s container ship grounded in Oslo Fjord late last week and mbl.is reports that the accident might have been avoided if the harbour pilot had not left the ship and handed it back to the captain too early.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has given permission to shoot all birds that land in the oil which leaked from the ship, if they can be reached.

The agency’s Egill Soglo told NRK that people counted at least 250 oil covered birds on Sunday and said he is afraid there may be many more birds suffering. Eider ducks and gulls seem to be the worst affected and many have already been killed.

Godafoss ran aground in the Ytre Hvaler National Park, which is a marine park set up to protect unique coastline and Europe’s biggest inshore reef.

(Photo: Vísir.is)

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