Icesave puts Icelandic president in world spotlight once again

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland, is once more in the world media spotlight following his decision to reject the latest Icesave repayment plan and send it to another referendum.

All of the biggest Western broadcasters, papers and news websites have covered the news; all of them mentioning that this is the second time Grimsson has made such a decision in a little over a year.

Like many news sites, including IceNews, Britain’s Daily Telegraph is accepting user comments on the news and has generated lots of interesting responses, reported.

Bloggers are split on the issue, with those against the President’s decision saying, among other things, that British and Dutch taxpayers have already been forced to pay the Icesave debt and that the debt now has to be repaid by Iceland.

Others who support the President and/or oppose the Icesave bill say, among other things, that the Icelandic public should not be forced to pay the banksters’ debts. One blogger wrote that ordinary Icelandic citizens bear no more responsibility for Icesave than the Brits did for the Great Train Robbery conducted by Ronnie Biggs and associates in the 20th Century.

Either way, the message from the Dutch government yesterday was clear: the time for negotiation is over. If the bill is rejected in the referendum, there will be no new round of contract talks.

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