Ronald McDonald kidnapping clowns found

A statue of Ronald McDonald that was “kidnapped and interrogated” by a group of Finns has been retrieved by police. The fast food mascot, which was stolen from a restaurant in Ruoholahti, West Helsinki last week, was discovered on Tuesday (February 8) during a house raid.

The red-haired clown, which represents the multinational burger chain McDonald’s, was taken hostage by a group calling itself the Food Liberation Army (FLA). A video was posted on the internet in which the organisation threatened to “execute” Mr McDonald if they did not receive answers to a set of questions from the fast food outlet.

In the YouTube video, which has now been watched by more than a quarter of a million people, the FLA asked McDonald’s how much responsibility it takes for the consequences of fast food culture, including an increase in diabetes and obesity.

Police have confirmed that two people with no previous criminal records have been apprehended on suspicion of the misdemeanour. They are both thought to be Finnish nationals living in Helsinki. It is not yet clear whether criminal charges will brought against them for the stunt.

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