Greek king visits Iceland

The king without a kingdom, Constantine II of Greece, is currently in Iceland. He arrived yesterday and will stay for the whole weekend.

Constantine II is in the country for the executive meeting of the International Sailing Federation this weekend in Reykjavik.

The former king of Greece is the enthusiastic honorary president of the federation along with King Harald of Norway, reports. Constantine II has been an avid sailor for many years and even won an Olympic gold medal in the sport in 1960.

According to Ulfur Hrobjartsson, head of the Icelandic Sailing Federation, it is a great honour to have the former king in Iceland, and also to have the world executive meeting in the country.

The 20-person meetings are held twice a year in different cities around the world. “Our goal is to have the main annual meeting here one day — which is a 200 to 300 person conference,” Hrobjartsson says.

It is hoped the arrival of the king will shine a positive light on the sport of sailing in Iceland.

Constantine II was king of Greece until 1973; although he was forced to flee the country in 1967 and has not been resident there since. He was stripped of Greek citizenship in the 1990s, although he still nominally lays claim to the throne and is able to come and go freely on a Danish diplomatic passport.

Constantine II is a Danish prince in his own right and lives in London, where he is also related to the royal family — among them his close friend and cousin Charles, Prince of Wales.