Big day for Icelandic sheepdog

The Icelandic sheepdog came of age internationally this week when it was first allowed to enter the famous Westminster Dog Show in New York.

The Icelandic sheepdog only became an official breed according to the American Kennel Club at the end of 2009 — although the Icelandic Kennel Club was set up in 1969 to promote and protect the unique breed.

Four Icelandic sheepdogs took part in the Westminster Dog Show in New York, which ended on Tuesday evening. The show is one of the most respected in the world, RUV reports.

The dog show is held every year at Madison Square Garden, and is a real crowd puller. Nearly 2600 dogs of 179 breeds take part in the show each year, competing for many different titles.

All dogs in the show have already won other shows and are champions in their own right before Westminster even starts.

In the end it was Rassa who was crowned best of breed, while Hickory the Scottish deer hound was crowned overall Westminster champion.