Court sentences the ‘Reykjavik Nine’

Four of the so-called Reykjavik Nine, who disrupted the Icelandic parliament during the ‘Pots and Pans Revolution’ have been sentenced, despite widespread public sympathy.

Andri Leo Lemarquis has been sentenced to a four month, suspended prison sentence for his part in the ‘attack’ on Althingi in December 2008 and Thor Sigurdsson has been sentenced to 60 days, suspended.

Solveig Anna Jonsdottir and Steinunn Gunnlaugsdottir were both handed ISK 100,000 (EUR 627) fines for their part in the altercations, reports.

The Reykjavik District Court made its judgement in the long-running case at 08.30 this morning. Lemarquis, Sigurdsson, Jonsdottir and Gunnlaugsdottir were the only ones charged: the other five were found not guilty.

The courtroom was completely full and many people were unable to enter. The disappointment at the sentencing was palpable in the room, Visir reported.

Ragnar Adalsteinsson, supreme court barrister and defence for four of the Reykjavik Nine, described the court’s decision as disappointing. He told reporters it has been a long and sad story, and that he finds it regretful that the judiciary’s first reaction to the banking collapse has been to prosecute these particular four people.

It is not yet known whether the case will be appealed to the Supreme Court of Iceland or to the state prosecutor.

Although the guilty verdict is a highly symbolic blow against the four protesters and thousands of others who fought for the fall of the government in winter 2008-9; it is nonetheless true that the fines are low and that nobody will actually go to prison, unless they commit a further crime.

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