British-Icelandic documentary nominated for Icelandic Oscar

The English-language film Future of Hope has been nominated in the Best Documentary category for an EDDA award (Iceland’s answer to the Oscars).

“If you missed Future of Hope when it was released in Haskolabio in September 2010, now you have a second
chance to watch it on the big screen,” a press release enthuses. This is because, due to its EDDA nomination, Bio Paradiso cinema in central Reykjavik has already begun screening the feature-length film on a new one-week run or 1 week which began on Friday.

Future of Hope’s British director, Henry Bateman attended Friday’s screening and took a Q&A session at the end — the first such open discussion he has held in Iceland.

Since the film’s release in September 2011, it has since gone on to have the International Premiere at IDFA (the International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam) where it was selected to screen in the Green Screen
Competition. In early 2011 it travelled to Seattle and it has now been selected to screen at film festivals in
Malaysia, Greece, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Canada, Ireland, the UK and South Korea, among other countries.

The screenings at Bio Paradiso are running at 18:00 until Thursday. Both the Producer and the Director are still in town and have committed to regularly call in at the cinema throughout the week “for a coffee” and to talk with filmgoers.

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