Court to try former Iceland PM Haarde to meet today

Iceland’s long-awaited Landsdomur high court will convene today for the first time as it prepares to try the former Prime Minister for negligence in the banking crash.

The Landsdomur is a specially appointed group of legal professionals convened especially to try current or recent elected officials. The constitution dictates that there always be a Landsdomur available; but this is the first time in the history of the Republic of Iceland that its members have been called together. The group will meet at the Supreme Court of Iceland building at 16.30 this afternoon.

The Landsdomur will not start its formal proceedings today. Instead it will discuss former Prime Minister Geir Haarde’s request for the Althingi parliament’s case against him to be dropped.

Haarde recently called upon the Reykjavik District Court to nullify the case against him, but the court dismissed the plea. Haarde’s lawyer, Andri Arnason, then took his plea to the Landsdomur itself which will take a position on the matter later today.

In effect, the specially-convened court is being asked to rule on whether or not it should have been specially convened.

Frettabladid reports that four supreme court judges have declared themselves unfit to serve on the Landsdomur due to various conflicts of interest. They are: Arni Kolbeinsson, Jon Steinar Gunnlaugsson, Olafur Borkur Thorvaldsson and Pall Hreinsson.