Scrapbook killer pictured Danish girls

Two young women who featured in the scrapbook of notorious American serial killer, Rodney Alcala, were Danish but did not become his victims, it has emerged. The two women, who were teenagers at the time, were photographed by the killer outside Copenhagen’s Central Station when he visited Denmark in the 1970s.

Also known as the ‘Dating Game killer’ due to an appearance he made on a TV show of the same name, Alcala, 66, is currently awaiting execution on Death Row in California after being found guilty of murdering a 12 year-old girl and four young women between 1977 and 1979. He is also suspected of killing and sexually abusing many more women after police found scrapbooks containing hundreds of photographs taken by Alcala.

It is thought that Alcala introduced himself to his victims by asking to take their pictures, before drugging, raping and sometimes strangling them. US police are currently trying to contact the women from the scrapbook to ascertain whether any of them were attacked.

After contacting the two women photographed at Copenhagen Central Station, police have confirmed that neither of them were victims of Alcala.

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