Reykjavik conference and concert centre names rooms

The biggest halls inside Harpa, Reykjavik’s landmark new concert and conference centre, have been formally named. They will be called Eldborg, Nordurljos, Silfurberg and Kaldalon.

A special naming committee has been working on the names and looked into many different possibilities from Iceland’s musical heritage, cultural heritage and nature. The committee worked under Petur J. Eiriksson, but the ideas came from many different places, reports.

Eldborg literally means Fire Castle and is a volcanic crater in West Iceland, Nordurljos means northern lights, Silfurberg means Iceland spar in English and is a see-through calcite crystal which is very rare outside of Iceland, and Kaldalon literally means Cold Lagoon and can be found in the Hornstrandir nature reserve on the Westfjords peninsula.

The four names are intended to fit well with the different design, style and colours of the four rooms and also illustrate the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. In eastern cultures it is considered positive to have all four elements present in a new building.

The biggest room, the grand concert hall, has been named Eldborg. The other concert hall is called Nordurljos. The conference hall has received the name Silfurberg; and the smallest hall is called Kaldalon.

Computerise illustration from Harpa

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