Icelandic court charges electricians for shocking woman

A company of electricians has been fined ISK 15 million (USD 129,110), with interest, to a woman who was electrocuted in her Njardvik home some 13 years ago.

The woman was enjoying a nearly full bath at home and stood up to rinse herself with the shower, which she held in her hand. It was at this time that she was electrocuted all over her body and was rendered physically unable to move.

The woman is now registered at 50 percent disabled and also blames the accident for causing her eczema and permanently itchy palms.

Her sensitive hands have severely restricted the types of jobs and tasks she is able to undertake, reports. The accident has also reportedly left her with regular heart palpitations, listlessness, sweating and occasion severe light-headedness. She says she is unable to sleep at night without the aid of sleeping tablets.

The court judgement states that the accident was caused by the fact that the earth wire on the bath’s drain was connected to the house’s neutral circuit instead of the earth circuit.

The woman brought charges against the electricians’ company, the building company and the Reykjanesbaer municipality (which is responsible for inspections of new houses).

The Reykjavik District Court acquitted the local authority and the construction company, but ordered the directors of the electrics company to pay compensation.