Icelandic news reporter attacked in Egypt protests

An Icelandic television news reporter in Cairo has been attacked and hurt during the ongoing Egyptian protests. The journalist and his team were apparently accused of being foreign spies.

Jon Bjorgvinsson is a correspondent for RUV, Iceland’s national broadcaster; although he is in Egypt on commission for Swiss television.

The attack took place yesterday morning at a marketplace in a poor district of the Egyptian capital. The reporter and crew were busy filming when some locals began shouting at them and eventually attacked them. Bjorgvinsson was knocked to the ground, his camera was broken and his clothes were ripped. The police arrested the television station’s other cameraman, RUV reports.

Bjorgvinsson told RUV that with the help of two locals, they managed to escape with some of their equipment and film.

“When I had been filming for maybe two or three minutes in the marketplace, the atmosphere got extremely tense around us. Women, especially, began to scream; even older women. Then men came charging over to us and began to attack us saying we were foreign spies.” He added that the group’s driver managed to get the car in a good position and then two locals came and helped — although by that time, he had been knocked to the ground, had his equipment broken, clothes ripped and his hand injured. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt and the group managed to get back to their hotel. Jon Bjorgvinsson told Icelandic press that he is unfortunately all-too-used to being in such situations.

Jon’s pictures from the attack can be seen here (for a limited time).


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