Councils: rich patients should pay for care

Well off patients should have to pay for their medical care, according to a body representing all 98 local authorities in Denmark. KL (Local Government Denmark) wants to make radical changes to the country’s welfare system which would see more advantaged people supplying their own rehabilitation and other forms of help.

Under the current system, everyone is given the same treatment, regardless of social standing. KL, however, says that support for Denmark’s 1.5 million chronically ill patients should be targeted at the country’s immigrant population, those who live alone, and those who are uneducated or socially disadvantaged.

“An increasing number come through the door for help and we will have to be much better at deciding priorities,” KL social and health committee chairwoman Anny Winther said in a Berlingske Tidende report.

“At the moment, those who come to the front of the queue are often the well-educated people who have a good network and know what is on offer. But it is the singles who have no network who really need help,” Winther said, adding she would be in favour of advantaged patients having to pay for their treatment.