Greenlandic national broadcaster under attack?

The website of KNR — the national broadcaster of Greenland — appears to be under cyber attack.

Visitors to the website are usually shown the site as it should be, but are sometimes confronted with an orange screen written in nearly incomprehensible English, imploring them to “buy locally Viagra”. Now, at 16.00 GMT on Wednesday, the website will not load at all. is one of Greenland’s biggest and most popular websites, allowing people all over the world to listen to live Greenlandic radio, catch up with selected television programmes and read news and features in Greenlandic and Danish.

Although Greenland is a very small nation of less than 60,000 people, the local significance of the cyber attack is huge: it is akin to the websites of the BBC, RUV, ABC or DR being taken over by illegal Viagra salesmen.

IceNews cannot yet confirm whether the orange web page is affecting users all over the world or how long the problem has persisted — but it is clear that users in Iceland at least have been affected for the last couple of days.

More details are expected and this story will be updated.

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