New Year’s Eve in Iceland

The time is nearing for Iceland to celebrate the arrival of 2011 with copious food, fireworks and laughter courtesy of the Aramotaskaupid annual sketch show, which is watched by very nearly everybody in the country.

The weather forecast for this evening is relatively good all over Iceland, which is good news for those planning to set off fireworks or attend one of the many bonfires. There will be dozens of public bonfires all around the country, including 16 just in Reykjavik.

Some 3,500 foreign tourists will be in Iceland to celebrate the New Year as well — most of whom were drawn to the country by the 600 tonnes of fireworks that will be let off. Some tourists interviewed by RUV described the Reykjavik New Year’s fireworks as something everybody should experience at least once.

Firework sales so far look similar to last year and 500 tonnes of new fireworks have been imported to Iceland for sale. Roughly 75 percent of fireworks are sold by search & rescue associations and the sale of fireworks is ICE-SAR’s biggest annual fund-raising event.

Meanwhile, all Icelandic ships are in port, allowing families to celebrate together at home.

To join in the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Iceland, be sure to tune in on 31st December via

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