Suspected terrorists targeting Jyllands-Posten arrested in Denmark

Danish Police arrested five individuals suspected of a possible terrorist act on Wednesday, as reported by all major Scandinavian news media.

Four of the suspects were Swedish residents and three had Swedish citizenships. Police believe that the group was planning an attack on the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten with the aim of “killing as many as possible.”

According to Dagens Nyheter, the group had been under constant surveillance by the Swedish security police two months prior. Danish police became involved as soon as three of the the men crossed the border into Denmark. The men were later arrested outside an apartment in Herlev, close to Copenhagen.

Swedish Police claim that there are no known connections between this group and the suicide bomber in Stockholm earlier this month.

In 2005, Jyllands-Posten published a series of cartoons picturing the Prophet Muhammad. The images were considered very controversial amongst many muslims and since, the newspaper and its employees have been the targets of many threats.