Icelandic government in further crisis?

Any potential co-operation between Iceland’s Progressive Party and the two coalition parties in government has not been discussed among the three parties, says Progressive MP Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson.

The Left Green MP Lilja Mosesdottir (one of the three Left Green MPs who abstained in the recent budget vote) told Frettabladid today that she is considering leaving the party. If all three rebels were to leave the party, the Left Green – Social Democrat government would have the smallest majority it is possible to hold.

“This has not been discussed, not formally and there is no sign it will be. But one cannot say what is being discussed between individual MPs of different parties,” Sveinsson said. Asked if he has personally talked about joining or helping the government, he said he does not believe the majority within the Progressive Party are in favour as things stand today.

He added, however that the Progressive Party is not necessarily calling for new elections. “We have said, both myself and the party chairman, that we see the possibility for a national coalition government (of all parties) at some point and then elections afterwards. He does not personally believe that the Progressive Party should shore up the current government if it comes to a crisis.