Swedish police making progress with Stockholm bombings investigation

Expressen reports that the Swedish security police have gained knowledge of the Stockholm suicide bomber’s wereabouts and actions before blowing himself to death among Christmas shoppers in central Stockholm last Saturday.

The police are currently investigating whether the man, who has been identified as one Taimour Abdulwahab, had connections to any known terrorist networks – but have not been able to find any such connections so far.

With the help of the group of FBI experts, and by carefully investigating the scene of the crime, police have found out what types of explosives where used.

It is still not known why the man walked off the pedestrian street Drottninggatan, which was very busy at the time, to a side street where the bomb was triggered. One theory currently being investigated is that the man walked off Drottninggatan in an attempt to resolve a malfunction with the bomb when it accidentally went off.