Swedish police believes that Stockholm suicide bomber was not working alone

Swedish police has confirmed that it suspects the suicide bomber, who blew himself up in central Stockholm on Saturday evening, was not working alone, Dagens Nyheter reports.

Tomas Lindstrand, Chief Prosecutor  said, “We know that he was alone during the act, but experience tells us that it is likely more people were involved.”

During a press conference today, both police and the Chief Prosecutor revealed that they are “98 percent sure” that they have confirmed the identity of the bomber. The suicide bomber has also be tied to the car bomb that exploded in the area just minutes before the man’s bomb went off.

At the press conference, the head of the police security department said that they saw no reason to raise the current terrorism alert level and urged the public to remain calm.

“We see no reason to worry in the current situation, however, we are reassessing the situation every hour, day by day,” he commented.

The bomber was equipped with a bomb belt and a backpack full of further explosives. The Swedish police believes that he was heading for the Stockholm central station or the Ahlens shopping center, but that something went wrong on the way and one of the bombs exploded.