Wikileaks donations going well despite Visa, Mastercard shutdown

Olafur V. Sigurvinsson, co-founder of the Swiss-Icelandic web host DataCell, says that donations to Wikileaks have only been increasing over the last few days.

After both Visa and Mastercard stopped allowing donations to the whistle-blowing website, DataCell started helping people to donate directly by bank transfer. “The credit card companies are just not a part of the transactions. There are just as many donations as before, if not more, but they are just transferred direct,” Sigurvinsson told DV. “We have assisted some 2,000 people with that just today.”

He added that emails have been pouring in all day and that people are very upset because there is nothing illegal about Wikileaks. “It is simply a human rights organisation with freedom of speech at its core and there are lots of people who have Visa cards and want to spend their money supporting exactly this issue. It is understandably irritating when some credit card company somewhere decides what you are allowed to spend your money on. Will they ban us from buying chocolate next?”

DataCell has indicated that it intends to start legal proceedings against both Mastercard and Visa in Europe and Sigurvinsson says the company has received a lot of offers from lawyers wanting to take the case on for free. He said that the company’s own lawyers have written formal letters to the credit card giants and that other volunteer lawyers will arrive today to discuss strategy.

He says that the credit card companies have wronged DataCell and all its customers and that the case will be pursued to the very end.

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