Icelandic police station joins Facebook

A police station located in downtown Reykjavik has recently joined the social networking website, Facebook and created a public group profile.

Stefan Eiriksson, chief of police at the Reykjavik police station commented, “We want to be where the people are and apparently the people are on Facebook.”

Officers at the Reykjavik police station created the Facebook profile yesterday morning and after only a few hours had acquired over a hundred fans.

Eiriksson added, “Facebook is a place where people gather, so we want to be visible and accessible. We believe that this will strengthen and improve our relationship with the public and help us communicate information in a fast and positive manner.”

When asked if this is the first step towards policing people on the Internet, Eiriksson said that this is primarily intended to provide information to the public and will only be used in a none intrusive way.

Eiriksson encourages everyone to become Facebook friends with the Reykjavik police station today. The Facebook profile can be accessed by clicking here.