Iceland creatives get Dazed and Confused

Leading lifestyle and arts magazine, Dazed and Confused is currently featuring a new documentary on its website,, about Iceland’s creative revolution during the peak of the country’s economical hardship.

According to, the purpose of the documentary was to find out how people in Iceland have been pulling together against the odds to create the possibility of a future with a groundbreaking new political paradigm, “one full of hope, optimism and creativity”.

The footage throughout the documentary mixes live filmed-recordings during the recent Iceland Airwaves music festival, various landmarks across Iceland and music videos, with still photography from Icelandic photographer Joi Kjartans.

The twenty-one minute long documentary, titled Northern Light, features interviews from Icelandic bands, Agent Fresco, Seabear and Mammut, as well as designers, Mundi and Eyglo Margret Larusdottir and young filmmakers Kristin Bara Haraldsdottir and Hrefna Haglin. Other established Icelandic artists and producers include Ragnar Kjartansson, Valgeir Sigurdsson and Hilmar Oddsson. Rekjavik Major and well-known comedian, Jon Gnarr also makes an appearance.

To watch Northern Light on, click here.

*Still taken from Northern Light, directed by Michael Oswald and John-Paul Pryor.