Iceland election results released

The names of the 25 people elected to change the Icelandic constitution last Saturday have now been released.

The Constitutional Parliament will start its work in February, RUV reports.

Around 1,200 votes were invalid, which is 1.4 percent of the total. Astradur Haraldsson, head of the parliamentary elections committee, explained to reporters that the results came out so that it was not necessary to add up to six extra members to the 25-member parliament due to gender imbalance. 15 men will sit along with 10 women.

On the subject of imbalance, much is being made of the fact that only three of those elected are not from the Reykjavik metropolitan area — a fact which some say will make the new constitution very focused on the needs of city people.

The elected members of the Constitutional Parliament are as follows:

Andres Magnusson, doctor, Kopavogur.

Ari Teitsson, farmer, Thingeyjarsveit.

Arnfridur Gudmundsdottir, professor, Kopavogur.

Astros Gunnlaugsdottir, student and political scientist, Gardabaer.

Dogg Hardardottir, manager, Akureyri.

Eirikur Bergmann Einarsson, reader in political science, Reykjavik.

Erlingur Sigurdarson, director of the poets’ house, Akureyri.

Freyja Haraldsdottir, managing director, Gardabaer.

Gisli Tryggvason, consumers’ spokesman, Kopavogur.

Gudmundur Gunnarsson, chairman of the Union of Icelandic Electrical Workers, Reykjavik.

Illugi Jokulsson, journalist, Reykjavik.

Inga Lind Karlsdottir, media personality, Gardabaer.

Katrin Fjeldsted, doctor, Reykjavik.

Katrin Oddsdottir, lawyer, Reykjavik.

Lydur Arnason, doctor, Hafnarfjordur.

Omar Thorfinnur Ragnarsson, media personality, Reykjavik.

Pawel Bartoszek, mathematician, Reykjavik.

Petur Gunnlaugsson, lawyer and radio presenter, Reykjavik.

Salvor Nordal, director of the Ethics department at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

Silja Bara Omarsdottir, international political scientist, Reykjavik.

Vilhjalmur Thorsteinsson, Chairman of the Board at CCP, Reykjavik.

Thorkell Helgason, mathematician, Alftanes.

Thorvaldur Gylfason, professor, Reykjavik.

Thorhildur Thorleifsdottir, theatrical director, Reykjavik.

Orn Bardur Jonsson, vicar, Reykjavik.

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