Icelander in North Korea during attacks, safe

At least one Icelander was in North Korea during the cross-border fighting with South Korea yesterday.

19 year-old AEvar Ingi Matthiasson was the only Icelander so far confirmed to have been inside the secretive state when the attacks took place yesterday morning. He has now returned over the border to China, where his father lives.

Matthiasson’s mother contacted the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs as soon as she heard about the high-profile border skirmishes yesterday. The ministry then informed its ambassador in Beijing, as the embassy in China also covers North Korea.

Matthiasson’s mother, Katrin Lilja AEvarsdottir, described to her relief to hear this morning that her son is completely fine and on a train within China on its way to Shanghai, where his father lives.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is not known if any other Icelandic citizens were/are in North Korea.

Secretive North Korea is almost entirely closed to the outside world, but is a popular short-stay destination for tourists visiting China.