Sverigedemokraterna employs criminal offenders despite alleged hard stance on crime

The Swedish extreme right wing party Sverigedemokraterna promised to clear all convicted criminals from their ballots before the general elections in September.

Expressen now reports that several convicted criminals have taken the“ backway to power“ by employment at the party’s registry.  Among the crimes commited by Sverigedemokraterna’s employees are assault, violence against staff, robbery and weapons offences.

Despite a criminal history among several of its staff members, Sverigedemokraterna has promised its voters a hard stance against crime. Before the elections, all candidates where required to sign a character statement where they testified to have no criminal history.

Among the convicted criminals that work at Sverigedemokraterna’s registry are: the Press Secretary to the party chairman (convicted for violence against staff); a secretary (convicted of assaulting a 15 year old girl), and the Registry Sectretary (convicted of assault with a baton and commiting two robberies and one attempted robbery with a carbonic pistol).

Sverigedemokraterna’s part chairman, Jimmie Akesson refused to comment on the criminal history of his staff when confronted by Expressen. His press secretary later denied that Akesson had any knowledge of his staff members criminal past.