Left Greens: sexual abuse should be better investigated in Iceland

Iceland’s Left Green Movement, the junior partner in the coalition government, held a conference this weekend. Among the items on the agenda were Iceland’s EU application and the low rate of prosecutions in sexual abuse cases.

The Icelandic Ministry of Justice is headed by the Left Green minister Ogmundur Jonasson. Jonasson told the conference that the investigation and trial of sex crimes is a hot topic among staff at the ministry and said he had promised his staff he would give the issue the attention it deserves.

Delegates at the Left Green conference revealed serious doubts about the current system within the police force. Background notes for the meeting reveal that only 3-6 percent of sexual crime cases end with a court-issued sentence.

The party voted to call on the minister to thoroughly review the way sexual crimes are investigated in Iceland.

The conference also voted in favour of continuing Iceland’s European Union accession bid meaning that both government parties are committed to pursuing accession negotiations to their end. Both parties are also committed to sending the final membership treaty to a national referendum. The Independence Party MP Einar Kristinn Gudfinnsson wrote on his blog that in his opinion the Left Greens are now a bona-fide EU party and have made their decision very clear. They cannot change their spots in the future and revert to being anti-EU, he wrote.