Saga Capital Investment Bank in Iceland becomes Saga Investment Bank

The Saga Capital Investment Bank in Iceland has recently simplified its name to Saga Investment Bank. This subtle change of name is in order to highlight the unique expertise that the bank offers, as it is now the only investment bank in Iceland.

“There have been dramatic changes in the Icelandic financial sector since the financial melt-down in 2008. Saga Investment Bank is the only Icelandic investment bank to survive the crisis and we wanted a simple name that reflected our unique status and service,” commented Thorvaldur Ludvik Sigurjonsson, the CEO of Saga Investment Bank.

Saga Investment Bank holds an investment license and operates under financial corporation laws while also being closely supervised by The Financial Supervisory Authority in Iceland (FME).

The bank specialises in traditional investment banking activities such as corporate finance, stockbroking, asset management, securities offerings and investment advice to corporations, foundations and other institutional investors.

Sigurjonsson added, “Although we have simplified our name, we also wish to emphasise the fact that this is the same company as before, offering the same services with the same solid employees.”

Saga Investment Bank has a total of 37 employees; 16 in Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital city and additionally, 21 employees in Akureyri in the north of Iceland.

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