Second round of mackerel talks ends with no agreement

The second round of negotiations trying to solve the mackerel quota row have ended without agreement.

Representatives from the EU, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands have been attempting to broker a deal on quota limits for 2011.

Iceland and the Faroes caused outrage earlier this year when each unilaterally set its own mackerel quotas in their own waters.

According to the BBC, Scottish Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead said the positions of Iceland and the Faroes remained “far apart” from those of the EU and Norway. “We will continue to explore all possible avenues in order to ensure there is sustainable management of the mackerel fishery for next year and beyond,” he said.

“Our intention now is to pursue further talks with Iceland and the Faroes as soon as possible.”

It is not yet known when the third round of talks will take place, but it will likely be next month in London. The EU has been praised by Scottish fishermen for its tough stance in the negotiations.

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