Iceland Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption declared over

It has been a long time coming, but scientists at the University of Iceland have finally taken the step of declaring the volcanic eruption which brought European aviation to its knees this spring, over.

The small Fimmvorduhals eruption ran from 20th March to 12th April and then the much bigger (and ashier) eruption under the main Eyjafjallajokull glacier took over between 14th April and early to mid June. No new lava has been seen since then, but scientists were wary of declaring the eruption finished too early. Even now it is remotely possible the volcano could start up again; but scientists say the risk is now small enough for the eruption to be described as over.

The eruption sites are still very hot today and could take years to cool down properly, reported. An estimated between 300 and 400 million tonnes of ash were created by the eruption and it melted some 100 million cubic metres of ice.

Photos: Anders Peter Amsnæs

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