Icelandic women to lay down their tools today

Yesterday marked 35 years since Icelandic women first dropped everything and went on a de facto strike to highlight their importance to society. It is thought some 90 percent of all women in Iceland took that day off in order to demand the same rights and wages as men.

This year women are being encouraged to stop work at 14.25 today (Monday) because the actual women’s day fell on a weekend. Different events are planned in towns all over Iceland.

An umbrella organisation of 20 Icelandic women’s groups held a conference yesterday in Reykjavik about domestic violence and has been collecting charitable donations as well.

Among the speakers at the conference was the UN representative for domestic violence and representatives from several other international organisations against gender-based violence. The Norwegian justice minister also attended, as he is one of 14 male world leaders who has signed a contract that says he will keep the fight against domestic violence at the fore in all his political work.

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