Left Greens endorse continuation of Iceland’s EU accession talks

Steingrimur J. Sigfusson, Iceland’s Minister of Finance and leader of the Left Green Movement, says that there would need to be a highly compelling reason to quit European Union accession talks now. His ministerial party colleagues have full permission to continue the accession talks.

The Left Greens held a party conference on foreign affairs yesterday, which included the presentation of a hundred-person petition urging party leaders to halt Iceland’s EU accession right away.

Sigfusson told RUV that the party’s position has not changed. The Left Greens do not want Iceland to join the EU. But, he added, the country is currently involved in accession negotiations and is not about to join the bloc in the near future, whatever happens. In the mean time, the accession negotiations should be allowed to conclude and for Icelanders to see what exactly the EU is offering.

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